About Us - Overview

‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’ is the popular notion of today’s world. Moreover with the advancement of Science and Technology, changes are more rapid. The environment in and out is full of challenges and competition. Everywhere we see people trying to move ahead of one another and in the process all are busy in developing oneself in every possible area. Thus when education comes under this pretext then it really becomes a big challenge for the educators. Teachers here are the prime agents in making these changes a reality.

Catering to the immediate requirement of the society the need was felt for an institution where the young mind would get the freedom of learning and the opportunities to explore its potential. They would also be trained up to overcome the learning disabilities and build up its self esteem. Rather they would be groomed to become highly successful individual, getting along well with the myriad situations of life. With this ideology Holy Home Secondary School came into being.

Holy Home Secondary School is a unit of Holy Home Charitable Trust. The school is situated on a large green environment on the outskirts of the city. It also covers the lush greenery sprinkled with sparkling water bodies of the Deepor Beel away from the din and bustle of thickly populated city life of Guwahati. The way to school which also connects the city airport is easily accessible by buses and cars. The establishment of many other reputed schools of the city in the area has made the environment more conducive for education.

The members of Holy Home Secondary School believes that good education itself provides a platform for professional competency and also inculcate in the students the moral values, dedication, integrity, honesty, perseverance, discipline, tolerance, forgiveness, self-esteem, strong will powers, good disposition, punctuality and above all love for the country and fellow human beings. A group of trained and experienced faculty members have been entrusted to educate this young generation. The basic objective is to help the students to develop a mindset which would enable them to cope with the challenges in the outside world, create a desire to succeed and the urge to reach their full potential, which are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. The classrooms are interactive which provide the scope for conceptual understanding, enabling the students to have a creative and analytical thinking process. Social awareness is another key factor which has taken a very important place. It is an important building block for emotional intelligence. The starting point for becoming socially aware is self-awareness. The school enriches the aspects of self-awareness to enhance the feelings and emotions towards the society.