General Information & Instruction

1. The morning assembly is compulsory for all students. The gate will be closed after the final bell.

2. In case a student is not in a position to attend the morning assembly due to some illness, he/she must seek permission from the school authority.

3. Parents must see that the students maintain their books properly throughout the year and bring their books and copies according to the time table.

4. Students should always carry their rough copies to the school.

5. Students should not bring any unwanted books. valuable articles or cash to school. In case of any loss or damage the school authority cannot be held responsible.

6. Parents desiring to seek transfer certificate must apply for it on or before 20th March. Transfer certificate will be issued a week after. No transfer certificate will be issued unless all dues are cleared.

7. Class test/unit test will not be conducted again in case of absentism of a student.

8. Students must submit their projects on the specified dates fixed by the teachers.

9. In case a student is not regular in his/her work, he/she may have to stay back in the school after school hours to complete the pending works. The day prior a form will be sent along with the student which should be filled up by the parents and send to the school with the student the next day.

10. Students must maintain the School discipline strictly. In case of violation of rules and regulations of the school, disciplinary action will be taken against the particular student.

11. Parents should collect their ward within half an hour from the time the school gets over. In special cases the matter may be informed to school authority beforehand.

12. In case the parents cannot pick up their children from the school personally due to some reasons, then they must give a proper information to the school authority from the registered phone number about the person who comes to pick up the child. Moreover the person must be able to show the Receiverís Card on demand.

13. In case of sudden illness of any student during the school hours, the guardians will be informed first at the immediately available phone number and the student will be handed over to the guardians/parents or their authorised representative. Dairy New Setting (Crown Size) 2016 In some cases if it is considered to be late to contact the parents or guardians, the school authority may take neccessary steps for medical treatment. In such cases the parents/guardians will have to bear all the expenses incurred in that connection.

14. Parents of the students should inform the school authority beforehand of any particular disease that the child suffers from regularly or at periodical intervals so that necessary possible precautions can be taken by the school.

15. Parents must be in close contact with the respective class teacher for discussion on the progress of the students in their studies. In this connection they can meet the class teacher every Tuesday immediately after school.

16. Parents should attend the PTM (Parents-Teachers meet) on the scheduled date. In case of failure to attend the meeting by any parents, they can come and discuss with the Principal on a later date with prior appointment only.

17. All parents / guardians must make themselves present in the school if and when the school authority requires.

18. Parents should see that the students are not made extravagant and are provided with the minimum required articles only.

19. The bond of relation and co-operation between the parents and school authority should be such that helps in achieving our common goal of all round development of the students. In the process if any differences arise it should be mutually and cordially settled.

20. School fees must be paid at Bank on or before 10th of every month in advance failing which late payment fine will be levied from the next month.

21. School dues must be paid in time. In case of non-payment of fees continuously for three months, the school authority can terminate the admission of the student in which case re-admission will have to be taken, after clearing the arrear with the fine.

22. All school dues till date must be cleared before the examination, failing which no admit card will be issued to the student for examination.

23. In case of absence of students from the school, parents must apply for grant of leave in the space provided in school diary or in a separate application.

24. Any change related to residential address and contact number should be immediately informed to the school management.

25. In case of loss or damage to the student's I-card, one must apply for issue of a duplicate card for which a payment of Rs.150 will be charged.

26. All parents/guardians must make themselves present in the school if and when the school authority requires them for any discussion.

27. Students suffering from the following diseases must observe prescribed period of time before returning to class.

  • Chicken Pox -3 Weeks
  • Mumps - 2 Weeks
  • Measles - 2 Weeks
  • Jaundice - 3 Weeks