The school has developed a well-designed Physics Laboratory which provides facilities to the students to conduct various activities, experiments and projects. The lab has equipments and apparatuses which can be used to understand various concepts prescribed by the CBSE and even more.

The school has a Chemistry Laboratory equipped with all the apparatuses and equipments to carry out experiments and activities needed till the senior secondary level.

The school has a well equipped Biology Laboratory where practical classes and demos can be conducted to stimulate scientific thinking in the minds of the students.

The school has a well equipped Mathematics Laboratory where the students get ample scope to understand the magical world of numbers.

The school has come up with a sophisticated Computer Laboratory equipped with state-of-the -art hardware to run the latest software.


The school has a very good collection of books, e-books, audio-visual educational materials etc in the library. The school also subscribes to a variety of newspapers, magazines and journals. Students have the option of studying in the reading room or home.  Students can also borrow books from the Library in adherence to the issue/return policy of the School Library.


Well maintained school buses and vans are available depending on the number of students from any particular area and route. The bus drivers and attendants are well trained. All vehicles are equipped with most advanced vehicle tracking GPS system.
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The school maintains a well equipped Medical Infirmary. Immediate first aid is available for minor casualties that may occur during the school hours. Routine medical checkup is carried out by the Medical Officer from time to time and compulsorily at the beginning of each term.


Safety and security to the students and staff of the school is given utmost importance. The school campus is surrounded by high boundary walls and trained security guards. The campus is equipped with latest high security surveillance cameras with video recording which monitor the entire campus. Every individual and vehicle has to go through a standard security check procedure while entering or exiting through the gate.

Emergency drills are conducted on regular basis to train the students so that they do not panic during emergency situations.

SMART Education

Our constant effort to make the teaching-learning process more meaningful and effective has urged us to take up technological innovations like Smart Classes, Learning Management System (LMS) and (Educational Resource Management) ERP. To digitize the classroom and take the learning process beyond the classroom, we have introduced Smart Classes and online LMS for the students and teachers. The School has adopted a state-of-the-art ERP platform to take care of the entire school administration and educational processes. Wherein the parents can also login to their accounts and monitor their child’s performance and other records.