School Bus Service

1. Bus Services are provided by the school as an additional facility for the students which can be availed on payment as transport fees.

2. For any kind of enquiries relating to the Bus Service parents must contact the Transport Manager.

3. In case of change in residence, parents are required to fill up fresh School Transport form.

4. The transport fees is charged for the entire session.

Rules to be followed while travelling in the bus :

1. Students must travel by the bus that is allotted to him or her.

2. No student should move about inside the running bus.
3. While in the process of reaching the stoppage no student should move near the entry door untill the bus stops completely.

4. Unruly behaviour like shouting, quarreling, teasing etc. is strictly prohibited inside the bus.

5. Any serious offence must be reported to the Principal immediately.

6. Students are required to be present at the stoppage five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.

7. No damage must be caused to the school bus by the students. If any damage caused a fine will be levied.

8. It is expected from all students to keep their school bus neat and clean.

9. Students must not change their stoppage without prior information to the school authority.