Beyond Academics


The school building is well planned, spacious, functional and with pleasing architectural features. Every care has been taken on the architectural and structural part to cater to the needs based on our practical classroom experiences. Classroom is the backbone of a school’s physical infrastructure. The school has an ideal classroom size for a teacher student ratio of 1:30. Library which is the counterpart of a school is well reposit of books of various reading levels, periodicals etc and is accompanied by a reading room. The school has a state-of-the-art computer laboratory, well equipped laboratories, library with reading room, multipurpose hall etc. In addition, the school has facilities for indoor games and playgrounds for outdoor games. Provisions have been made for many more facilities in the project, which will be available in due course with the advancement of the project work.


Games and Sports help develop discipline and focus in a child and in the process teaches teamwork as well as leadership skills. Therefore, it is considered as an integral part of the school curriculum. Sufficient number of playgrounds is available for outdoor games like Football, Volley ball, Badminton etc. and indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess etc. Trained Physical education instructors guide and supervise the students on the ground.

Music/Art & Craft

To develop the aesthetic and finer sense among the students varied creative works are done in the multipurpose hall of the school. Music classes on vocal, guitar and piano are conducted and students are given the platform to nurture their interests. Students also learn dramatization of short plays of social relevance.


Yoga and meditation enhances focus, concentration, memory and strengthens the immune system, encourages respect for oneself & others and also improves confidence and self-esteem of the child. The school promotes yoga and meditation to the students as it benefits the body, mind and spirit and therefore, helps to create an overall sense of well-being among the students.


Competitions strengthen the confidence level of a child. Various competitions like quiz, debates, extempore, singing, dancing etc are conducted within the school and inter school which helps to bring out the full potential in different spheres of a child.